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Referendum Information

As you know there will be 3 bond propositions on the upcoming October 7, 2014 ballot.  Many people have questions and we would be delighted to address them.  Additional information can be found under the "Board" tab.  Click on Bond to see the original documents submitted to the state.    Following are the project summaries:
  • Proposition 2 - Voc-Ed  Building Mechanical upgrades  This building was built in 1978 and all of its systems are at a point where they must be upgraded not only for efficiency, but also to address safety issues.  This building serves 100% of our middle grades students and 97.5% of our high school students and is a vital and integral part of our overall program.  The project includes demolition and architectural work and several upgrades to improve safety. For example, the fire suppression sprinkler system will be modified to ensure coverage of all areas, and sprinkler heads and piping throughout the facility will be replaced. Fire alarm devices will be provided to satisfy the National Fire Protection Association and Americans with Disabilities Act. Also, all emergency wash equipment will be replaced.

    The schematic design lists improvements to systems for fuel, the small engine parts cleaning tank, and toilet, welding station and vehicle exhaust. The heating plant will be renovated in its entirety, and the ventilation system will feature a new air handling unit. A new building automation system would result from installing direct digital controls on all points in the facility for more efficient scheduling, operation of, and monitoring of the mechanical systems. The oil/water separator system will be revamped to route discharge to the storm system; currently, discharges are to the sanitary sewer system, in violation of municipal code. Electrical upgrades will be made to power distribution and lighting systems and mechanical equipment circuits.  Murray also surveyed for hazardous materials and recommended removing asbestos-containing duct tape from the ventilation system in the fan loft and from the original ventilation system in the shops, and removing all fluorescent bulbs and ballasts.Your yes vote insures that career readiness and skill developments remains an option for students.

  • Proposition 3 - High School Air Handling Units  A 2013 external evaluation of the system noted the noise level in the art classroom with all fans operating was measured at 62 decibels, at the upper end of acceptable noise levels for classrooms. The fans make rumbling, air and vibration noises, resulting from turbulence, exposed ductwork and, possibly, poor bearings. A condition survey from 2004 found the units had fewer than 10 years of serviceability left, but planned improvements were scrapped during the value engineering process for the 2008 school expansion, due to budget concerns at the time. The new units are quieter and more efficient, and provide students relief from vibration and air noise. The three units have been replaced, and the cost breakdown included a budget for demolition, plus mechanical, electrical and controls work. To date this work is substantially complete. This is an opportunity for the Haines Borough to recover 65-70% of the funds already expended for this project.

  • Proposition 4 - The existing high school roof is either reaching or has reached the end of its life expectancy.  This project will provide for the replacement of the existing roof of the high school with a new EPDM or PVC roof. The scope of work includes removal and disposal of existing membrane, contingency for unforeseen rot replacement needs and additional roof drains to mitigate standing water on the surface of the roof.